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In 1990, Tommy Davidson burst onto the scene in the Emmy Award-winning show In Living Color, a pioneering sketch comedy show, featuring a multi-racial cast of actors and dancers who spoke to an underrepresented new generation created by Hip Hop Nation. 
A story of black excellence, in this revealing memoir, Tommy shares his unique perspective on making it in Hollywood, being an integral part of television history, on fame and family, and on living a life that has never been black and white—just funny and true . . .

"The massive challenges that tommy has faced in life have been no match for his soaring talent and indomitable spirit. If he had lady-parts my search would be over"

-jim Carrey

"Tommy's inspiring and uplifting recollection of being at the forefront of groundbreaking television, as well as the power of his mother's unconditional  loves, makes this a memoir that will make your Soul Smile"

-Quincy jones

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